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UK Local Councils

Burton & Dalby Parish Council

Serving the people of Burton Lazars, Great Dalby and Little Dalby

Clerk: Stephen Johnson
15 Ashby Road, Gaddesby, Melton Mowbray, LE7 4WF

Tel: 01664 840699

Local History

Great Dalby

Great Dalby, which lies some three miles south of Melton Mowbray, has a population approaching 400. St Swithun's Church dates from the 14th century. The primary school dates to 1876 and the Village Hall to 1937.
The Methodists built a Church in the village in 1846 -- adding a school room in 1890.

Burton Lazars

Burton Lazars is just two miles south east of Melton Mowbray. 'Burtone' (a Saxon name) became 'Burton Saint Lazarus' in 12th century, when Lord Roger de Mowbray established a Leper Hospital to the west of the village -- taking advantage of the local spring and the freshness of the air. The emblem of the Order that ran the hospital was a red cross on a white ground -- possibly the origins of the symbol of the Red Cross. This work continued until 4th May 1544, when the Hospital was disbanded under the dissolution of Henry VIIIth.

The village Church of St James is also believed to have been founded by Roger de Mowbray – though the body of the Church is in the later Norman style.

Unsuccessful attempts were made in 18th century – when spa Towns became popular – to establish Burton Lazars as a place to take the waters.

Royalty, such as the late Duke of Windsor and the Duke of Gloucester, used to frequent point to point racing (until the race course was closed).

Closely connected for over 600 years with the village was the Hartopp family, finally selling their land in the mid-20th century. The village (whose population is now about 450) continues, set on a ridge to the south of Melton, with fine vistas of the farmland around.

Little Dalby

Little Dalby is four miles to the south-east of Melton Mowbray and has a population of under one hundred. The Church of St James stands on the hill to the north of the village (from which the photo was taken). In addition to the Church, the Village Farm, Hollies Farm, and the East Lodge to Little Dalby Hall, are all listed buildings. Nichols History of Leicestershire promotes Mrs Orton of Little Dalby as the originator, circa 1720, of Stilton cheese.